Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Pink telephone

Oil on panel, 15cm wide x 22cm tall.

This is a painting of a pink telephone, wall mounted, above a bureau. The bureau is in the corner of the room. It is of a dark wood, cupboards at the bottom, then an open shelf and then a fold-open desk. We can see the front and left side of the bureau. In the open shelf are two telephone directories, a Yellow Pages and, presumably, a local directory. The Yellow pages in under the regular directory, we can see the spines of both if them. On top of the bureau are two items. To the left is a flat, pink folder of booklet. Right of this is a pot of pens. The pot is cream coloured with a number of pens in it.

The telephone is on the wall above the bureau. The wire to the socket runs down the wall and disappears behind the bureau. We don't see it emerge anywhere else. The base of the phone is almost square with the handset hung on the left and the keypad to the right. The keys are white.

The walls of the room are painted a wheat colour, the skirting is white and the floor a burgandy. The light seem to come from high on the right, perhaps from a wall lamp judging by the shadow of the bureau.

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