Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Sunday tea

Oil on hinged panel, 2 panels each 10cm wide x 15cm tall.

This piece is painted on two panels that are hinged vertically. The image is split across the panels.

This is detailed picture of a table set for four, though only two of the plates have food on them. The plates are on rectangular place mats, white with yellow edging. The plates are also white with yellow decoration around the edges. The meal is seemingly of chicken, parsnips, roast potatoes, carrots and green beans. There is a green bottle on the table. The table has no cover, it is dark brown and we can see the front edge nearest us.

On the left panel are the two place settings that have been served food. Both plates have chickan and a portion of all of the available vegetables. The plate nearest has two slices of breast meat, whilst that opposite (at the far side of the table) has a leg. The far plate seems to have more green beans too. Between the plates, in the middle of the table are a rectangular serving bowl and the chicken, surrounded by stuffing balls, on a plain white serving plate. The serving bowl holds what I imagine to be be roast parsnips to the left and roast potatoes to the right. The don't see any meat cut from the chicken, so it has most likely been taken from the far side.

The plate holding the chicken just runs across the join between the panels. There are two other items that run across the break. On our side of the table there is a small white plate or perhaps a protective mat. On the other side of the table is a green gravy boat, full of gravy. The handle of the gravy boat is to the right of the image.

On the right panel two places have been set, but the plates are empty. Between them is an oval serving bowl with two partitions. The left side holds carrots, the right green beans. The bottle is between the chicken and the serving bowl. There are no glasses on the table.

Beyond the table we can see the wall, which is pale blue.

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