Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Socket and switch

Oil on panel, 15cm wide x 22cm tall.

This image is of a wall that has a main socket in the skirting board and a light switch on the wall. The image is divided, vertically, into three broad colour bands. The floor is separated from the wall by a skirting board. The wall is split by a wooden rail.

The floor is a very dark brown, seemingly stained floorboards, that run between us and the wall. Above them is the skirting board, painted white with a groove a little down from the top. The mains socket is a standard UK 240v type and appears to be switched on, though nothing is plugged in. It is over to the left, approximately a sixth of the width into the picture.

The lower part of the wall is darker than the upper part, a pale rosy brown. The wooden rail is profiled and painted white. The upper section of wall is less red in tone. The light switch is slightly hhigher than half way up the this section, and a little to the right.

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