Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Over then

Oil on panel, 15cm wide x 22cm tall.

It is difficult to identify a subject in this painting. The scene is a bedroom and, working from left to right we see the corner of a bed, a bedside cabinet, a dark corner in the room and a wardrobe.

The bed has a light wooden frame and a white pillow leaning against the head of the bed. Immediately beside it is a small wooden cabinet. This has a shelf taking the upper third and a cupboard beneath. There are approximately four objects on top of the cabinet. Nearest the bed is something that is roughly cylindrical. At the back, against the wall, is an oval mirror with a bright silver frame. In front of the mirror are two black ornaments that look like figures of some sort, quite tall and matching each other.

The bed and the cabinet are against a wall painted in a grey/brown. Just to the right of the cabinet is a corner, perhaps forming an alcove in the room. The corner is in shadow and no detail can be seen.

Within the alcove is a dark brown wooden wardrobe. The door is not apparently panelled, but rather seems to have a smooth finish with rounded edges. On top of the wardrobe is what looks like a small travel case. This is a dark burgandy with a handle or catch on the front.

The scene is lit from the 8 o'clock position.

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