Sarah Giles


the space where something was


Oil on panel, 15cm wide x 22cm tall.

The subject of this painting is a mid-sea-blue padded pouffe. It sits on an orange carpet next to the radiator. The pouffe is in the lower left of this picture. The bottom right corner is filled by a circular rug, yellow in the middle with a dark green outer and tassles.

The skirting board here is plain white, quite tall with a profiled top edge. We can't see the whole of the radiator as it runs beyond the right edge of the picture. We do see the copper feed pipe at the left hand side of the radiator. The wall on which the radiator is hung has been decorated with very bold wallpaper. It is a diagonal pattern of orange and pale blue flowers. The orange flowers have grey middles and round orange petals. The pale blue flowers have large pale yellow centres and translucent blaue petals with orange/brown veins.

The scene is lit from the 8 o'clock position. The copper pipe to the radiator casts a shadow on the skirting, the pouffe on the floor.

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