Sarah Giles


the space where something was

60's telephone table

Oil on panel, 15cm wide x 22cm tall.

As the title suggests, this is a painting of a telephone table. We directly face the table which stands infront of a plain white wall.

The table is of dark wood, with fine legs that have brass feet that extend up the legs a little way. The legs are slightly splayed. The top of the table is quite thick and there is a panel at the back. The left side of the top is covered in a black material or leather which also extends to and along the rear panel.

The right half has two directories on it, a Yellow Pages and another one of a similar size but thinner. We see the spine of both of the books. Attached to the rear panel is a shelf that is open on all sides and covers approximately half of the right side of the top.

There is a white/cream push-button telephone on the shelf. The keypad is to the right of the handset, the coiled cable hangs down to the front of the table. It is plugged into a wall socket beneath the table.

The scene is softly lit with no strong shadows.

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