Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Singer chair

Oil on panel, 23.5cm wide x 16.3cm tall.

The subject of this painting is a 'Singer' chair. The base of the chair is a pale blue metal piece with four sides, almost like a tower but with the base spread to form feet. At the top of the base, toward the wall is a black knob that would turn to tighten against the chromed centre pin, allowing the height of the seat to be adjusted.

The seat is thin, of wood, I imagine plywood as the front edge is rolled. At the back of the seat a metal band, slightly shaped, rises to the back rest. The metal band matches the base in colour. The back rest is of the same material as the seat. The chair faces away from the wall, toward the 4 o'clock position in the image.

The wall is a plain mushroom colour, a white skirting board runs the full width of the image. The floor is brown/black. No shadows are apparent.

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