Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Girl contemplating motherhood

Oil on linen, 39cm wide x 29cm tall.

A girl lies on a bed facing the ceiling, though her eyes are closed. She wears dark trousers and a dark coat with a white fur rimmed hood. The hood of her coat is pulled up.

The room is dimly lit by the light from the three large windows to the right. The mullions cast faint shadows on the ceiling and the light is banded on the far wall. The window sill is full of small objects, ornaments or candles it seems. The curtains are open, dark in colour. Between the window and head of the bed, in the far corner, is a small bedside cabinet. It has a few small items on top of it.

The bed is tidy, the top cover is coffee coloured. Above the bed is a single unshaded light fitting, fitted with a low energy lamp. The light is not lit.

Trees can be seen outside. They are in deciduous and in leaf.

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