Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Two left

Oil on canvas, 40cm wide x 32cm tall.

This painting is of a room with the curtains drawn. The curtains are of a thin, plain cream fabric with large fabric loops attaching them to the wooden curtain pole. It is light outside and the light escapes into the room through and around the curtains. It is apparent that there are quite large plants on the window sill bottom, for their shadows are visible on the curtains.

Inside the room are two thin-framed chairs and, between them, a small coffee table. The chairs are square, with dark wooden frames and red fabric cushioning. They face each other but are unoccupied. On the chair to the right are two plain white or cream cushions. In the chair to the left there is what is perhaps a knitting bag of blue floral fabric. The coffee table has thin wooden legs and is empty.

High on the wall, behind the chair to the left, is a small wooden framed picture. No details of the picture can be seen.

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