Sarah Giles


the space where something was

Blue room

Oil on canvas, 39cm wide x 29cm tall.

This is a picture of a bedroom, with blue painted walls and a blue curtain. The walls are a pale blue, the curtain a rich mid blue. It's light outside and a little light spills onto the wall and floor around the curtain. The floor covering was, I imagine, a mid cream when new, but age and the light make it appear almost brown.

As we look into the picture the curtain fills the right side, running into the back corner of the room. There it meets the wall which runs behind a small bedside cabinet, the head of a single bed and a small set of drawers with a large round mirror on top.

The cabinet is in a dark wood, with a door beneath an open shelf. There are a number of items on top of it, but it is difficult to identify them.

The bed is a solid base bed with white covers. The duvet also has a white cover, though the lighting makes it appear almost as dark as the floor in places. The bed has been made, so the duvet is quite plumped up.

The top of the set of drawers are no higher than the matress on the bed. There are four drawers, all closed, the drawer handles are not apparent. It is of a dark wood, perhaps with a few items on top of it. The mirror is angle upwards a little, presenting an reflection of the ceiling.

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