Sarah Giles

About this web site

This web site has been lovely hand crafted. The pages and style sheet have been validated using W3C tools. I have also tested against Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (6) running on Windows XP. Only Internet Explorer doesn't display the pages as I wish, failing to properly centre images on the gallery pages.

The site was originally designed to work with monitors running at a resolution of 800x600 pixels. After some consideration we felt that the images were just too small. This version then is designed with a display size of 1024x768 in mind.

My main development platform runs Fedora Core 6 ( and my browser of choice is Firefox ( The tools used in the creation of this site were JEdit ( and The GIMP ( If you find any errors or wish to offer comments or feedback of a technical nature then I'd be glad to receive them.

I want to thank John Sell and Cathy Rushworth for taking the time to review the site and offer their encouragement and critism.

Finally I want to say a big well done! to Sarah. I think her work is amazing, not just in this exhibition but other pieces. I recommend that you go and see them in real life.

Steven Lilley, IT Guy.